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About Us

Columbia Gear is a full service, precision machining company, specializing in custom gear manufacturing.

Integrated Solutions for Success

What does it take to satisfy the custom precision gearing needs of some of the world’s largest OEMs? Columbia Gear answers that question with fully integrated services, cutting-edge production, superior information technology, and large-scale production capacity.

Equally important is our commitment to innovation in everything we do — seeking out new answers and continually adapting to today’s customer challenges. We accomplish this by continually analyzing manufacturing processes, building upon proven design solutions, streamlining production and assembly schedules — taking ground gearing quality to higher levels.

Our two state-of-the-art plants encompass more than 235,000 square feet and are conveniently located adjacent to Interstate 94 in Central Minnesota.

Customer Driven

Whatever it takes. That’s the philosophy on which Columbia Gear’s success is built, and on which we continue to thrive. It’s evidenced in such significant responses as plant expansions, ongoing major capital expenditures, and production reorganization in response to specific new projects and clients.

You’ll see Columbia Gear’s commitment to solutions on a human level as well. Our collaboration begins with our Customer Service Department, expands to our knowldegable Engineers, and continues on through our experienced Production Team on every project, enhancing overall efficiency and communication. Responding to customer needs with this “no barriers” approach is yet another reason behind Columbia Gear’s continued status as an industry leader.

Single Source Reliability and Expertise

From design assistance through final assembly, Columbia Gear’s fully integrated manufacturing capabilities enhance overall project quality and reliability. We’ve covered it all — everything from automated machining and precision gear grinding (as high as AGMA Level 15, DIN 2 and ISO 2) to component sourcing, assembly, testing and inspection. Our goal is to provide complete support in a total solutions package, and ultimately, to deliver overall project efficiency and value.

Design to Delivery — Integrated Solutions for Gearing Success

At Columbia Gear, integrated solutions means nothing is overlooked. More than a mere slogan, this philosophy is the foundation of our value-added services — the guide by which our people work together to ensure project success and your satisfaction.

Over the course of a typical project, Columbia Gear’s team of custom gearing specialists will:

  • Identify solutions to enhance component life and reduce production costs
  • Coordinate the purchase of components and raw materials
  • Develop and maintain a custom quality control program
  • Implement quality control processes
  • Assemble and test finished parts and oversee shipment


With a history dating back 60+ years, Columbia Gear has manufactured gears and power transmission components used in a variety of unique applications.

Columbia Gear has earned its reputation by taking on difficult projects and providing unique manufacturing solutions to challenging customer requirements.