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What it takes to be a Columbia Gear Supplier:


Columbia Gear suppliers must have a comprehensive quality system in place.  The system must establish control throughout the entire manufacturing cycle from proposal and bid to end-item delivery.  This system will assure quality objectives are met and minimize the possibility of compromising product quality, reliability and delivery. This system must be complete and consistent with applicable codes, standards, safety requirements, and specifications, including all requirements of ISO/TS-16949 Standards.

Regulatory Conformity

Columbia Gear will only purchase material and services that conform to applicable regulatory requirements.

Customer Service

Columbia Gear recognizes its responsibility to provide our suppliers with schedules that allow them to meet the standards of 100% quality and on-time delivery.  Communication and Customer Service is the key to meeting both quality and delivery requirements.


Columbia Gear supplies its customers with goods and services on an as-needed basis.  Every operation in our process is scheduled to meet our customer’s needs.  Suppliers must be able to provide consistent, on-time deliveries.

Customer-Approved Sources

Where specified by contract with Columbia Gear’s customers, Columbia Gear will purchase products, materials and/or services from customer-approved sources.  If stated sources fail to continually meet the purchasing requirements of Columbia Gear, the products, materials and/or services are subject to re-sourcing.

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